01 Feb, 2019

New Nanostitch fabrics presented at ISPO Munich

01 Feb, 2019

Liebaert will be present at the 2019 ISPO sports fair in Munich this weekend. After a successful try-out last year we decided to come back bigger with new fabrics and new technologies.

As always our famous Nanostitch fabrics will be displayed. These premium comfort fabrics made on the finest warp-knitting machines in the world are a signature Liebaert product. The fabrics are all characterised by an unparalleled second-skin feeling and are as smooth as silk. They come in three categories: lightweight and highly breathable fabrics (Nanostitch Air), moisture wicking fabrics (Nanostitch Active) and compression fabrics (Nanostitch Extreme).

Furthermore, this year our newly developed eco-friendly fabrics, the NXT.GEN fabrics, will be showcased at our ISPO stand. The NXT.GEN® fabrics are made out of Reco-Nylon®, a nylon yarn that is produced out of 100% pre-consumer waste. The yarn meets all our requirements in terms of sustainability and quality standards. It is GRS approved, generates only 53% of the CO2 emissions of a standard nylon 6 production and is produced in a facility which uses only renewable energy. By combining this yarn with our unique expertise we are able to develop high quality and eco-friendly fabrics for different applications, including sports.

Lastly, we will display garments made from Liebaert fabrics that have been treated with our thermo-regulating technology. It is a special finish (Moov&Cool®, a patented polymer technology created by Devan Chemicals) that we apply to our fabrics in order to accelerate the exchange of thermal energy between body and textile while expelling excess heat through the fibre mesh. Body temperature differences create polymer structural changes that activate thermo-conductivity and absorption properties. In addition, sweat is absorbed rapidly and evaporation is balanced to get an optimal cooling activity and comfort feeling. On the one hand, in warm environments, the porous structure of the polymer is more open, allowing a faster and more fluid transfer of heat through the layer which helps the body to cool down. On the other hand, in cold environments, the structure of the polymer is narrower allowing body heat to be trapped between the body and the fabric and so creating an insulation effect. This technology is ideal for sportswear since it keeps your body in its comfort zone at all times.

These are just a few of the novelties that will be presented at our stand at the ISPO sports fair. Do not hesitate to come and have a look at Hall C4 booth 446 or simply contact our sales team.