22 Apr, 2021

Introducing RV-ELITE: Redefining the meaning of compression

22 Apr, 2021

Compression is often used as a vague claim to market and sell sportswear products. But what is ”Real” compression and what effect does it have on an athlete’s performance and recovery? Introducing: RVE-ELITE, a brand that has the answers.

Two years after successfully launching their athleisure wear brand RectoVerso, Liebaert Textiles is back with another revolutionizing brand: RV-ELITE.

Focusing on high-end compression leggings and shorts, the brand is based on over a century of expertise in elastic compression fabrics and 5 years of research at Ghent University.

THE RESEARCH was conducted by Prof. Dr. Jan Boone at the Sports & Science Laboratory Jacques Rogge at Ghent University which is ranked as one of the top 10 sports & science universities in the world. The research was primarily focused on runners and five different compression conditions were tested during which both subjective and physiological parameters were registered.

THE RESULTS showed that RV-ELIT’s technology has a significant impact on enhancing performance and improving recovery. More specifically following results were obtained:

  • Average Increase in running economy* by 5%
  • Decrease in Rate of Perceived Exertion**
  • Average Decrease in CK values*** by 20%
  • Decrease in DOMS****

* Measures a runners’ energy utilization when running at an aerobic speed. Those who are able to consume less oxygen while running at a given velocity are said to have a better running economy.
** is a way to measure the physical activity intensity level. It is based on the physical sensations a person experiences during physical activity, including increased heart rate, increased respiration or breathing rate, increased sweating, and muscle fatigue.
***The appearance of creatine kinase (CK) in the blood is considered to be an indirect marker of muscle damage.
****The pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise

THE PRODUCT’s revolutionary character is attained through the combination of a unique Weftlock Fabric, a targeted compression design, and a patented compression profile.

THE FABRIC is the core of RV-ELITE’s compression technology. RV-ELITE’s special constructed weftlock fabric places Lycra in both weft and warp direction, providing it with a very high compression rate and still remaining very elastic. This guarantees they can offer the right amount of compression without compromising on comfort. The fabric also integrates a unique quick-dry and antibacterial technology embedded in the fibre which will keep athletes nice and cool during their work-outs.

THE RVE DESIGN was carefully constructed in order to support specific muscle chains and provide the right amount of compression in the right places. Special compression tape was added to give extra support to core muscle groups: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves.

RVE COMPRESSION PROFILE is unique and was created to enhance performance and improve recovery while guaranteeing a free range of motion. In short a compression profile tells you how much compression should be applied to certain positions on the body. The RV-ELITE profile is based on over 50 measurements and has a clear impact on the performance and recovery of an athlete, easily outperforming its competitors.


THE COMPRESSION PROFILE ANALYSIS is part of RV-ELITE’s customer experience and provides athletes with the necessary information in order to help them decide what type of RV-ELITE product to buy as using standard sizes can greatly affect the compression rate. By using a unique measuring algorithm the RV-ELITE team are able to reproduce their signature compression profile for any type of athlete no matter his or her sizes. This process takes place at their Lab in Deinze and will take no longer than 30 min.

RVE-S LINE refers to their standard sizing products (XS-XL). After going through the compression profile analysis athletes will know which size will offer them a compression rate that is as close as possible to the signature RV-ELITE compression profile. Customers can also buy these products online and figure out their ideal size through a measuring tutorial.

THE RVE-FC LINE or their full custom product is the real deal and the way to go for athletes that want to experience the full potential of the RVE technology. Here the RV-ELITE team will customise the pattern of the product to the exact measurements of the athlete in order to provide them with the exact RV-ELITE compression profile that has proven to enhance the performance and recovery of the most elite athletes in the world.

The RV-ELITE technology is already used by elite athletes in different disciplines ranging from field hockey, to marathon, triathlon and soccer. They rely on it to help them through training and achieve their goals.