26 Apr, 2021

Xandres x Recto Verso: Fashion meets Sports powered by Nanostitch

26 Apr, 2021

Xandres X Recto Verso: Fashion meets Sports. A limited edition sportswear collection,  100% made in Belgium and powered by the finest Nanostitch fabrics.

Last year Belgian Fashion brand Xandres contacted Camille Liebaert, leading lady of the hip athleisure brand Recto Verso in order to co-develop a limited edition sportswear collection for their clientele. Rooted in a highly respected tradition of fashion, driven by quality and created for the life women are leading today, Xandres collections offer sophisticated simplicity: dressy, smart casual fashion, refined but with an edge to it.

Not just any legging …

The fashionable leggings and sports tops  focus on style and high-end quality. The products also have a positive effect on your legs and sports performance thanks to the innovative Emana technology embedded in the fabrics. Hello Killer Legs!

Camille Liebaert: “When Xandres asked me for this collaboration, I was very enthusiastic. Xandres is, just like Recto Verso, a Belgian brand. We are both proud of those Belgian roots, we put women first and we work hard on sustainability in all aspects of our brand and company. We have a lot in common. ”

Together with the Xandres design team, Recto Verso created a sports legging and T-shirt. “The leggings are one of the highlights in our collection,” explains Camille Liebaert. “The yarn contains a special technology that converts body heat into infrared rays. The substance stimulates blood flow and has a positive effect on the softness of the skin, on cellulite and on your sports performance and recovery. ” The original typo print that Xandres and Recto Verso developed together gives the leggings and the T-shirt a unique, hip touch. Cool mesh finishes the sports top.

100% made in Belgium

The limited edition sports outfit is made from A to Z in Belgium. Recto Verso is part of Liebaert Textiles, the family business that Camille’s great-great-grandfather started. The textile manufacturer has been focusing on Belgian production for 133 years. From wire to finished product: everything is done under one roof in Deinze. Innovation and sustainability are central to the production process. Water purification, solar panels, a recycling system for substances with a flaw,… Numerous initiatives are being taken to make the production process as sustainable as possible.

The Xandres team: “We are very proud of this sports outfit that is 100% made in Belgium. Sustainability is also very important to Xandres and the fact that we can go for a full Belgian production in collaboration with Liebaert in this Inspiring Women collaboration is a huge asset. ”

Practical information: the limited edition sports top (95 €) and sports leggings (165 €) are available from 30th of April in the Xandres boutiques and online at www.xandres.com.